Just some of the comments and feedback we have received from our customers.

Cambridgeshire Driveways own a 7000 Plus.  This is their third 7000 Plus and is hired out on a daily basis.  They say: “Rather than relying on deliveries from other companies for crushed hardcore we can crush our own material.  This means we don’t need to pay other suppliers for crushed hardcore which has saved money.  The benefits of owning a Red Rhino is that you can transfer mostly useless materials such as brick rubble and concrete into something useful that can be sold or used as a suitable sub-base in hard landscaping.  You can also use the settings on the crusher jaw to determine the size of the hardcore crushed (different sized hardcore can suit different job specifications) and use the screener to make sure it stays in the same pile.  If you’re thinking of buying a crusher, a Red Rhino machine is an excellent centerpiece for anyone who needs a reliable crusher which will get the job done to a high standard”.

Wayne of Drainwrite in Cardiff bought his first 4000 crusher from us in 2012.  He has owned two 5000 models but now owns one a 7000 Plus crushers and a screener.  He started crushing on a small scale but found he was bringing more and more material in, and was getting more demand for the recycled product. He collects customers waste and charges by the lorry load.  Once crushed and screened he has a reusable, saleable product.  He produces soil and hardcore, which he sells for £10 per tonne and his top soil for around £25-30 per tonne.  He has dramatically reduced his waste which previously was sent to landfill.   In his words,  “this has saved me time, but more importantly money”. 

Steve of Earth 2 Earth in Lincoln owns a Screener.  He runs a Grab Hire company and uses the machine on a daily basis .  Once the material has been screened it  produces pea gravel and amazing soil, which enables him to sell onto stone and utility companies.  He says the Red Rhino machines are, “good value for money and great for the environment”.

Karl of Bradshaws Haulage in Bedfordshire first purchased one of the original 5000 models.  He crushes approximately 200 tonnes of bricks, concrete and block paving every week.  He says, “it is a fantastic machine which has saved him time and money and he would highly recommend a Red Rhino crusher to anyone”.